All About Bikes

All About Bikes

Bicycles are one of the most popular and beneficial means of transportation a person can enjoy. They are found all over the world and are great for people of any age. While learning to ride a bicycle is a milestone in many people’s childhoods, some have no experience with bikes. Here is some basic information about this incredibly useful personal vehicle.

How They Work

Bicycles are made of a sturdy frame, two wheels, gears, and pedals. There are also handlebars for steering and a seat for comfort. Essentially, the pedals and gears allow the force of a person’s legs to turn the wheels very easily. This allows people on bikes to travel much faster than those walking or running.

Interestingly, bicycles(landeveissykkel) are actually the most efficient form of transportation ever invented. This means that most of the energy exerted by the rider’s legs is actually used to move the bicycle, as opposed to car engines which waste greater amounts of energy.

Types of Bikes

There are many different variations to bicycles(sykkel) which can be used for different terrain or to suit different riders. Here are some of the most common:

Road Bikes

Road bikes feature light frames and skinny wheels. They are designed to be stable and fast on roads.

Mountain Bikes

These bikes(elsykkel) have lower gears and thicker wheels for riding on rougher terrain. They are heavier than road bikes and often have more suspension.

Hybrid Bikes

These are the most common bikes(birk) for simply riding around a neighborhood. They are a cross between road bikes and mountain bikes because they feature medium-sized tires and comfortable seats. They are suited for roads and bike trails.


These bikes have three wheels and are usually used to help young children become accustomed to riding before balancing on two wheels.

Electric Bikes

Electric bicycles, or e-bikes, are a relatively new invention which combine manual pedalling with a battery-powered motor. These have become popular for long-range riding because the motor can take over when the rider’s legs get tired.

Benefits of Riding Bikes


Perhaps the main benefit of riding a bike is the effects the activity has on the body. Riding is a fantastic way to improve cardiovascular health and leg strength. Depending on the type of riding, it can even be a dynamic, full-body workout.


Many people in large cities prefer to bike to work instead of driving. This option is both healthy and great for the environment, as bikes are a means of transportation with no negative effects on the planet.


Naturally, bikes would not be so popular if they were not fun to ride. Feeling the wind on one’s face while riding down a street or path is one of the most fun and free experiences a person can have.