Natural Pest Repellant

Other Methods That Can Naturally Repel Pests

Bugs and plants aren’t the only things that you can use to repel pests from your garden. No, there are other methods that we can discuss. Barriers are highly effective tools for people who haven’t had the luck with helpful bugs or plants to help their garden, or can be for those who just want to go a more direct route to solve the problem without having to introduce chemicals into the garden.

Garden net

Barriers such as nets and fences can keep out the larger pests such as deer and rabbits, however, they will have a harder time targeting the bugs that can slip through these barriers. Luckily, with the addition and a mix of different methods, you can naturally bait and protect your garden from many pests. Some methods, such as baiting fruit in the garden to repel pests like slugs, is a very popular tactic to help make the bugs come to you rather than you to them.

If barriers don’t work on deer, then there is a variety of methods to keep them away. For example, deer don’t feel welcome to a garden if the smell is something that they do not like. People have found that deer will stay away from lavender and even the smell of certain soaps and cheap perfume. These ways can be quite effective and can help your garden stay healthy for years to come, as long as they are maintained. Good gardening.