Plants That Repel Pests & Bugs

Perfect Plant Companions For Your Leafy Friends That Benefit Your Garden

You didn’t think that we would be done after just discussing bugs, did you? Now, time to talk about the plants that can be beneficial to your organic garden. Not all pests can be bugs of course. There can be some animals that are just as harmful to your garden as the bug pests. Now, put away those pesticides and animal traps and let’s jump in to some plants that can help keep your garden both happy and healthy.


Plants That Repel Bugs

Herbs are a great way to keep any unwanted bugs in your garden. Basil, for example, is a good repellent for bugs such as house flies and mosquitoes, whereas lavender can repel fleas, moths, and flies and mosquitoes like basil. Lavender also smells nice, and has been used for hundreds of years to add a pleasant smell to a home. Insects don’t really find this smell appealing, however, and will stay away where there is any lavender present. Lemongrass is also a great mosquito repellent, as the oil called citronella naturally occurs in this plant. Well, mosquitoes hate citronella as much as they hate the smell of lavender, so you can say goodbye to these pests and hello to a healthy garden.

Plants That Repel Animal Pests

rabbit-in-the-gardenAs we discussed before, animals can be just as harmful to your garden as bugs can be, if not more detrimental. Pests such as rabbits and deer have teeth that can munch your precious plants to smithereens, taking your produce that took months for you to grow, all gone within a bite. Luckily, there are plants that you can add to your garden to keep any unwanted pests from destroying your hard work. The solution: planting crops that rabbits hate.

For example, rabbits tend to avoid plants such as asparagus, onions, cleomes, vincas, mint, and oregano plants, among many others. They either don’t like the smell or taste of these plants, it is unclear, but either way, planting these in your garden can help repel these pests from your garden.