Hair accessories

Hair accessories can be worn in many different styles and with different outfits, depending on the occasion. Some turn an everyday look into something extraordinary. Others add a little pizazz to a fancy dress outfit or keep hair out of your eyes when playing certain sports.

There are different types of hair accessories. They include:

  • Headbands

Headbands are more versatile hair accessories, as they come in many different shapes and sizes. A headband is a strip of fabric or leather wrapped around some elastic. They also come plain with no embellishments or patterned with stripes, flowers, or polka dots. Headbands can be worn on their own without hair, or they can also be worn under the coat to hold hair away from the face.

  • Hair clips

When hair accessories are used to keep hair out of a person’s eyes, these are called hair clips or hair grips. Hair clips come in different sizes and shapes, but both have a clip mechanism that attaches them to hair. They function by clipping hair out of the way. The hair clips for toddlers are typically covered in a soft, cloth-like material to be gentle on hair and skin.

  • Hair slide

This is a hair accessory that slides over hair instead of clipping it up or pulling it back. Hair slides can range from something as simple as an elastic hair tie with a ribbon tied to it to something much more elaborate. More ornate hair slides are made of pearls, gemstones, flowers, or lace and can be very expensive.

  • Hair barrettes

These clips have two ends that meet in the middle at a point instead of a hair clip that only has one end. They come in many different designs and styles, and some can be just as elaborate as hair slides.

  • Hair extensions

Some hair accessories are meant to lengthen hair or increase its volume. These include hair extensions and hairpieces, which either attach to hair using clips, hooks, or wefts


If you like keeping your hair look good, then you must consider the above hair accessories