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When it comes to a wedding album, you have tons of choices. You may be a bit confused to this end. This is, of course, because there are just too many choices. To this end, you may not know which option you should go for.

Let us first of all, talk about the most traditional way of creating a wedding album. For this kind of record, the photos will be mounted on cardboards. This kind of album comes with various sizes. You may even have seen this kind of album before. The wedding album of your parents will probably be this kind of record. However, a piece of fact you should know is that it can be expensive for you to create such an album.

You may need to spend up to $1500 to go for the traditional option. This is because the photo book will be a handmade one. And you will also need to print the photos. To this end, you may need to approach a lab.

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On the other hand, some couples will go for the idea of creating an album with the quality of a storybook. To this end, you may not want to go for the traditional option. You will probably need to use the computer to help you to design the book.

A piece of fact here is that we may not be able to master the software to create the photo storybook. As a result, a better option will be working with a designer